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A new frontier of Mixology: tea and alcohol

A new frontier of Mixology: tea and alcohol


Tea and alcohol are the new frontier of Mixology, the art of mixing various drinks and ingredients to create cocktails, that combines the history of mixing to the most researched and current techniques of the cocktail world.

The tea is an ancient liqueur

The combination of tea and alcohol seems to be a new phenomenon,  but the millennial drink debuted in the history of cocktails in the 18th Century: tea is one of the main ingredient of the punch recipe, which was created by marines of the East Indian Company. Also, tea belongs to the spirit category as infusion, understood as a solution in water or alcohol of vegetables substances releasing their principles.

A new vision: the Tea-Tails

Nowadays the so-called Tea based Cocktails, abbreviated to Tea-Tails, have changed the vision of tea: they distance themselves from the traditional idea of the afternoon British tea, becoming one of the favorite ingredient of the aperitif cocktail.
The infusion of tea can be occur in water or directly in alcohol and the infusion can be used hot or it can cool down. Regarding the second main ingredient, the alcohol used has to match well with the tea: vodka is the most versatile alcohol, gin matches well with more delicate tea, while strong alcohol is a good match with black tea.

Our choice

For those who are curious and want to mix tea and alcohol at home, we recommend you two delicious blends. News Dehli Chai is a black tea with spices and a vanilla note that you can mix with some milk and rum for a slightly alcoholic hot drink. Otherwise you can mix our Mulled Wine, the classic blend of apple, orange peels and spices, with hot whine.  Alternatively, you can try our selection of grappa preparations: you can mix these tasty blends with a good spirit to get creamy and irresistible liqueurs.

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