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The trend of the year is Matcha tea

The trend of the year is Matcha tea


Why does everyone drink Matcha tea?

What’s the new trend of the year? The Matcha tea. You can find it everywhere and in every possible shape: as a simple hot tea or amalgamated to the cream of a cheesecake; you can also find it as a green cacao that you can sprinkle on the cappuccino foam. There are also Matcha cocktails: take a look at our Matcha Mint Julep.

The Matcha is quite versatile and rich in properties: it is rich in natural antioxidants, vitamins and mineral salts. The result is a detoxifying beverage with drainage-enhancing action. Thanks to the present of caffeine, the Matcha is a healthier alternative to our beloved coffee.

What do you need to prepare your Matcha?

First of all, you need a bamboo whisk. It’s the ideal tool to prepare your tea, because it allows you to melt the Matcha powder in a delicate and efficient way.

Second, the Matcha powder: our Japan Matcha is a thin green tea powder obtained from soft Gyokuro leaves, that undergo briefly to steam and they are left to dry. After removing all the stems, the leaves are smashed until they become a powder.

How to prepare your Matcha?

  1. Pour a full spoon of Matcha powder in a bowl.
  2. Add water at 80°C
  3. Wet the bamboo whisk with some water.
  4. Stir the mixture with the bamboo whisk first slowly and then with more energy, while drawing a shape similar to a W or an 8.

And your Matcha tea is ready!

Photo by Unsplash

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