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Tips for better sleep

Tips for better sleep


Our life is so full of commitments and appointments that when we are in bed we are still full of anxieties and tensions that we find it hard to fall asleep.

Here are some small tips to help you rest better:

UNPLUG AND ALL CONNECTIONS! We know how beautiful it is to look at your smartphone or iPad under the covers, but then we risk falling asleep next to the phone. Try to keep electrical appliances outside the bedroom. Certainly notifications, vibrations or screen flashes will not disturb your sleep. If you can, try to keep him as far away from your bed as possible. If it’s close by and you get a notification, you can’t resist the temptation to get up and go read it!

HOT BATH. End the day by letting your body in a nice warm bath. You will wash away all the accumulated toxins and you can relax in your bathtub amidst music and candles. Even a shower helps to relax the skin and mind.

HOT TEA. Well by reading a book or watching your favorite series, pamper yourself with a hot herbal tea. Obviously caffeine-free, so avoid all tea-based blends. Prefer the ones with chamomile of course but also mint so your digestion will also benefit.

CHANGE THE SHEETS OFTEN. It may sound strange, but “fresh” and clean bedding has a positive psychological impact on sleep. Same thing goes for the made bed. So get used to setting up your bed in the morning. You will see that in the evening you will not wait for anything other than to go inside to sleep.

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