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Sweet temptations

The secret ingredients to sweeten with particular notes every beverage or to makes unique cakes and biscuits.



Precious crystals enriched by spices, petals or fruit pieces. Not just simple sugar, but an important ingredient to exalt perfumes and taste. It will make unique hot beverages, cakes, yoghurts, cookies, jams and other hundreds of products.



Known since ancient times for its sweetness and its many beneficial properties, the honey, the “liquid gold”, is one of the most amazing products that offers us the nature. Here a selection of the best varieties from every corner of the world.



A refined selection of extra jams (85% fruit) preciously preserved in small glass jars. The most succulent flavors of the wild berries and the sour ones of the scented citrus fruits of the Mediterranean as well, but also original and delicious fruit and chocolate combinations.

Fruit Jams

Spirit mixes

All you need to make your own liquor. Just add 750 ml of good spirit (schnapps, vodka or other) to the mix, wait for 2 weeks, filter and the liqueur is ready!

Mix for cocktails & grappa


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