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The Sencha tea, the Japanese tea par excellence

The Sencha tea, the Japanese tea par excellence


The Sencha tea is the most common tea in Japan: the Japanese people drink it daily and they love it; in fact it makes up the 80% of the national production.

The tea leaves

The Sencha tea is an herbal infusion. The leaves are dark and brilliant green and it’s easy to recognize them, because they have their typical pine needles shape. The process of production causes the shape: the leaves are exposed directly to the sun and then steamed to stop the oxidation process. The interruption allows preserving the beneficial properties to the full. Once dried, they are rolled to their typical shape.

The taste

The Sencha tea colour goes from green to gold and it has a sharp taste, between refreshing and sweet. Depending on the temperature, the taste can change: if the water is mildly warm, it has a delicate tone, if the water is hot, the bitterest notes emerge.

The benefits

It is a tea rich in beneficial properties: in Japan they say a cup of (sencha) tea a day keeps the doctor away. It has a low quantity of theine and its rich in antioxidants.

Our choice

Let a teabag of Japan Sencha brew to taste the authentic flavour of the Japanese cultivations. For the sweet tooth, Oriental Emotions combines goji berries, curcuma and cherries to the Sencha tea leaves. Thanks to a cup of tea you can get closer to a such distant culture.

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