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Let’s start again!

Let’s start again!


How did you spend this strange summer? Did you have the opportunity to relax and maybe discover the beauty of our Italy? We hope so and for this reason we want to help you face your return in the best possible way by recommending the infusion of some precious herbs.

If you need to resume studying or otherwise need to increase your attention, supplement your diet with schisandra decoctions. It is a berry of Chinese origin which, in addition to having important anti-inflammatory properties, is an excellent stimulant that improves memory. Also drink herbal teas with rosemary and oregano, both of which are perfect for improving attention. If you want to find all these herbs combined in a single herbal tea, try the COLPO DI GENIO. You will be able to do 2 + 2 even without the calculator !!

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a general recharge of the body, we recommend guarana. It is a paste used by the Amazon Indians obtained by mixing the seeds of Paullinia Capuana, a wild climbing shrub that grows precisely in the Amazon, with cassava flour.
Guarana is famous for having a high caffeine content. This is why it is perfect as a tonic. In our ALLA CARICA blend we have associated it with hibiscus and rosehip which are just as tonic as well as perfect supplements for the body’s natural defenses.

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