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Is an iced drink or hot tea better?

Is an iced drink or hot tea better?


Summer is coming and if sun and beautiful season fill us with joy, the thought of heat and heat depresses us a little.

Will the mountains, for whom will be lucky enough to afford it, or the air conditioning to alleviate our suffering? Or maybe even a nice glass of water or iced drink??

We who live on tea have always wondered why the Tuaregs drink hot tea despite the heat of the desert:

Deepening, we discovered through research conducted at the Thermal Ergonomic Lab of the University of Ottawa, that when drinking a hot drink it is possible to reduce the amount of heat stored inside the body. This is because the heat of the drink triggers the body’s natural cooling system thus lowering body temperature through evaporation of sweat.

Then remove the water from the refrigerator, pour it into the teapot and prepare a nice hot tea!

Maybe a green tea that, thanks to the high presence of Vitamin C, refreshes your body. And if you want to do like the Tuaregs, add fresh mint leaves or jasmine flowers to it.

Have a good summer!

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