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How grappa is flavored at home

How grappa is flavored at home


Traditional grappa has a generally dry and strong flavor and perhaps for this reason it divides sentimentals from detractors quite clearly.

If flavored it certainly becomes more inviting even for those who generally don’t like it. In case you want to flavor your grappa at home and amaze your friends, we explain the simple steps to do it:

  • Pour sugar (about 100 grams per 750 ml. Of grappa) and the ingredients you want to characterize your grappa into a hermetically resealable container. You can use the classic spices (juniper, cinnamon, star anise) or herbs (chamomile, gentian, mint) or fruit (apples, pears, plums). The greater the quantity of “aromas” used, the greater the flavor conferred.
  • Add the grappa to the same container and close it hermetically. Once closed, shake it vigorously to allow the sugar to dissolve. Leave the container to rest for at least 3 weeks in a dark environment, shaking the contents from time to time.
  • After the maceration time has elapsed, pour your grappa into a bottle, using a tightly woven strainer to filter the flavoring ingredients.

If you don’t want to risk making the wrong dosage and want to find something simpler, look at our LIQUEUR PREPARATIONS and have fun creating your own grappa!

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