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Earl Grey tea

Earl Grey tea


EARL GRAY tea is one of the best known blends in the world. The name comes from the British Prime Minister Charles Gray who, during the 17th century, collaborated with Chinese tea experts to produce a blend that could counteract the lime flavor that was in the water. They decided to combining black tea leaves with bergamot giving life to that blend with a slightly smoky, citrusy and fragrant taste that we all know by the name of EARL GRAY.

These unique aromatic notes, combined with the fact of being a good digestive as well as a perfect invigorating and being the favorite blend of many European royalty, have contributed to making it famous.

How do you taste it?

Earl Gray tea can be enjoyed on its own or accompanied with lemon, sugar, honey or milk. For those approaching this blend for the first time, the advice is to try to taste it without any kind of addition. This is generally the best way to understand their flavor profiles.
For those who are unable to drink tea alone, the advice is to add lemon and sugar to taste so as to enhance the fragrant and lively flavors and enhance the intense brown of the infusion.

If you like EARL GRAY or want to try it for the first time, here are all our available versions.

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