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Digestive Herbal Teas as an anti-bloating remedy

Digestive Herbal Teas as an anti-bloating remedy


Digestive herbal teas

The holiday are coming and with them the time of the big binge eating. Despite the good intentions, at the end of the Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas lunch we always have a full belly. But don’t give up dessert or the last slice of Pandoro, the sense of heaviness after eating can be defeated thanks to a good purifying herbal tea.

Digestive herbal teas: the benefits

A warm digestive herbal tea is an excellent remedy to counteract the heaviness and sbloating of the stomach. Taking a herbal tea can also counteract ailments such as stomach acidity, burning, belly swelling and reflux. Drinking herbal tea after meals can relieve these disorders. In addition, purifying and digestive teas usually have a good taste and are a great way to end a meal. Like all types of infusions, it is advisable not to make excessive use of these infusions and to carefully check the herbs with which they are prepared in case of breastfeeding, pregnancy or the presence of intolerances and health problems.

Digestive herbs

Purifying herbal teas are generally prepared with herbs and natural ingredients with digestive properties. Let’s see which are the most famous and the most effective. Fennel, aniseed and liquorice for example have high digestive properties. In particular its seeds of fennel that help to digestion. A good fennel herbal tea is ideal after lunch or after dinner when digestion is particularly slow. In addition to those already mentioned, the other herbs that have digestive properties are green anise, cumin, coriander, dill, mint, lemon balm, laurel and sage.

Our choice

If you don’t know which herbal tea to choose, we recommend it. One is Light & Happy herbal tea, with mint leaves, liquorice root, basil and coriander. The main ingredient takes its name to Mintha, a nymph transformed into a plant by a jealous goddess. The countless curative virtues of mint, combined with licorice, offer a sweet and aromatic herbal tea that regulates the flow of liquids by performing a purifying action. Our second choice is the herb tea Elisir di Lianf, prepared with fennel, aniseed, licorice and chicory. The unmistakable flavors of anise, licorice and fennel characterize this delicious herbal tea with prodigious effects. If consumed after meals, in fact, it gives a pleasant sensation of wellbeing, favouring digestion.

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