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Why should we drink hot tea in summer?

Why should we drink hot tea in summer?


It seems paradoxical, but drinking a hot tea in summer is the best solution to fight the summer heat. Let’s get to know about its benefits.

The tradition

The practice of consuming hot tea in summer has really ancient roots and it is also widely spread around the world. The desert people drink the so-called Bedouin tea to defend themselves from the high temperatures. It is a mix of specific leaves that are rich of healthy properties.

In China, the traditional medicine condemns the practice of drinking cold beverages, because it is said to be very damaging to the spleen and the stomach. The millennial tradition of the tea has brought the hot beverage to the eating habits of the population, depriving it of its seasonality.

The benefits

Drinking hot tea is a good way to face summer, because of simple reasons: one, hot water is a good method to kill batteries; second, the tea increases the body temperature, decreasing the gap between the internal and external thermal conditions. Also, drinking hot beverages activate the sweating, which is the only way we got the decrease our temperature.

Our proposal of hot tea!

From our rich selection, we consider Morocco Mint the best hot tea of summer: it is a thirst-quenching green tea, enriched by the refreshing notes of the mint leaves. The Tuareg people of the Sahara desert find a solace in Marocco Menta.

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